South African Plains Game Trophy Fees

Limpopo Trophies

Trophy Animal Price
Blue Wildebeest A$1,600
Blesbuck A$825
Bushbuck A$1,700
Eland A$3,475
Gemsbuck A$1,775
Giraffe A$4,440
Grey Duiker A$525
Impala A$775
Klipspringer A$1,125
Kudu A$2,975
Nyala A$4,000
Ostrich A$900
Red Hartebeest A$1,900
Sable A$10,285
Steenbuck A$550
Warthog A$595
Waterbuck A$2,885
White Blesbuck A$1,150
Zebra A$1,850

Free State Trophies

Trophy Animal Price
Black Wildebeest A$1,650
Fallow Deer A$1,500
Red Lechwe A$4,150
Springbok A$750
Springbok (Black) A$1,400
Springbok (White) A$1,550


The trophy fees for the Free State animals cannot be used toward your trophy fee total in the “Build your own Package”, nor can they be discounted. All prices are in Australian Dollars (A$). Prices subject to change depending on exchange rate fluctuations.

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